Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If there is anything else that you would like to know, don't hesitate to phone, whatsapp or email Mama Cat. Contact info here. 


Can I collect my order? Yes, you can! 

Where can I collect my order from? 15-17 Aberdeen Street, Woodstock, Cape Town. 

How long does delivery take in Cape Town? 2-4 days. 

How long does national delivery take? 

3-7 days. Large city centres such as Johannesburg / Pretoria / Durban are usually 2-4 days. 
If you want express delivery, please call BEFORE you placed your order to arrange. There will be a price difference. 

Can you do express / overnight delivery?
Yes, please call us before you place your order so that we can get your package to you as fast as possible.

Do you do free delivery?  Yes, for any orders over R1000 we don’t charge for delivery. 

Do you have a retail store? You can come to our Woodstock kitchen to purchase the products we have in stock. We also have stockists in Johannesburg and Cape Town - see here. 

How much is delivery? Delivery is R85 for Cape Town, ad R100 nationally. 



How do I cook my meals?  We have 3 cooking methods, 
  1. Hot water soak - pour hot water directly into the bag, reseal and wait for 12 minutes. 
  2. Soak in cold water for 1-2 hours, 
  3. Haybox Method - add boiling water to food in an airtight container and let it sit for 15 mins
  4. Cook on a stove for 8-12 minutes

You can see the full cooking method explanations here.

Will soaking the meals before cooking reduce the cooking time? Yes, we advise soaking your meals before you cook, at least 20-30 minutes. This will save you gas :)

Do I add hot or cold water to the hummus spreads? You just need to add cold water until your desired consistency is reached. 



What is dehydration? Dehydration is a method of preserving food whereby low temperature air is circulated through the food, removing the water content. 

Can you accommodate my dietary requirements? Yes, we most certainly can. We cater for vegans, keto, religious holidays, gluten intolerances and other diets. Just give us a call and we can create a menu for you. Please note there is a minimum of 10 meals of the same variant for custom orders. 

Are there any preservatives in the meals? No, we make all meals from scratch using as organic fresh produce as possible. We add nothing funny! 


How much is one serving? Our single serving / one portion meal weighs 130g dehydrated and 400g when cooked. 

Will one serving feed a hungry tall person? Yes, we have never had anyone go hungry eating our meals. Some customers ask for smaller servings! If you are extra tall and extra hungry it is wise to have some snacks that you can add to your meal.