Who we are.

Mama Alles is a lightweight food company that helps adventure seekers eat the tastiest and most nutritious food in the easiest way possible.

We provide a diverse range of healthy dehydrated meals for every outdoor experience. All our meals are made to order in Cape Town, using local and organic ingredients. 

All you’ll need to do is to pack your bag and we’ll do the rest!

Photo - Si Pocock


Tansy Pyatt

Hi there I’m doing the Amitola trail 6 day hike from the 24th September. I’m wanting to fly to East London. I’m British so my question is are we aloud to fly with your dehydrated food if placed in the hold?
I live in Hout Bay just wanted to know where in Cape Town are you can I come and see the produce to buy?
Sadly I have tried to order stuff here and parcels just don’t arrive 😩
Would be grateful for your advice, look forward to hearing from you.

Mureeda Lagardien

Hi there are your meals halaal

Marianne Wiid

How long does your dinners take to cook?

Paulie Stemmet

Any nice dinner idees for Fishriver hike?

Lize Albertyn-du Toit

I am going to do some of the Rim of Africa’s traverses consecutively. Your info say you make the meals on order. At what time do you need me to order my preferences, and how does the delivery work since I will not be able to order after I started hiking. Am I correct that you do not make these meals way in advance? How does your system work for the Rim?

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