Otter Trail - Top Tips from our Community

In preparation for Mama Cat’s first ever Otter Trail hike, she asked her instagram hiking community what she could learn from their experiences of the bucket list trail. 

Getting hiking tips from others is so useful, but we are also so different. Some people are exceptionally fit and have all the gear, some are less fit and may not have great gear, so take everything with a pinch of salt. 

Photos: @kyleincpt

The main takeaways are; 

  1. Make sure you check when you need to cross Bloukrans river, and then pack and prepare accordingly. 
  2. Pack light, there are lots of steep inclines and so it’s tough on the knees, a lighter pack means less pressure on your body. 
  3. Make sure you have enough snacks and delicious food, there is plenty of time to enjoy it. 
  4. You can rely on fireplaces to make your dinner, the wood is not under rain covers, and there is mostly like a braai grid of sorts for you to use (we did a poll, see below for the results!)
  5. Make the most of it, enjoy the rock pools, beaches and take time to explore. 

We have organised the top tips into categories for you below; 


River Crossing 

“Check the tides for Lottering River and not just Bloukrans, otherwise you’ll be swimming ;)” - @pieterse.amy 

“High powered torch if you need an early start to cross Bloukrans, than 10km section is gnarly to do at night” - @dazmsmith



“Make sure you have Moroccan Butternut Tagine for supper on day 3 :)! Tasty food on beautiful hike” - @alanajass

“We had our Mama Alles for meals, but enjoyed a braai on nights one and two.” - @dazmsmith

“Bring something lekker to braai on the first night - the first day is only 4km” - @womxnforwild

“Pack delicious snacks!! My partner and I were scared into packing really really light and nothing would have been better than getting to camp and actually enjoying the food you have!!!” - @brodiehibberd

“Cherry flavoured Game is the best! Swim even if its cold! Wake up early, make coffee with condensed milk and enjoy the sea views”. - @gwenvdm

“Had your African Stew during my Otter adventure at the end of August. So filling!” - @inezjwill 

" We made smores one night. Marie biscuits, marshmallows and melted mini bar ones in a pot and dipped them. Such a rad experience" - @bridgetmalherbe


“Woolies Peri-Peri cashews and the mushroom biltong” - @liesbetta (Mama Cat agrees wholeheartedly with this recommendation, those cashews!)

“Woolies peanut butter filled pretzels. And dried pineapple!” - @jolenerobey

“Zesty guac & mini cucumbers” - @thewaywarden

“Grumpy snacks, 2 minute noodles, wraps, dried mango, tuna sachets” - @bridgetmalherbe

“Vegan chilli biltong bites” - @markhal_manley

“Trail mix: nuts, dried fruit, some sweets and even chocolate all mixed” - @pbj7

“Teff grain breakfasts is so nutty. Also top tip take cucumber. Quinoa + buckwheat slow roasted with currants / peanuts or both” - @brigittepegado 

“Nuts, dates, nut butters, marmite, carrots. Take additional electrolytes. Also dried bananas. Marshmallows for night time, hot chocolate or coffee treat.” - @crazyp15

“Wine gums, fruit loops in little ziplocks, and dried fruit :)” - @eaganandtegan

“A jar of capers” - @claudiameek

“Peanuts and raisins!!!!” - @kirky_g

Hiking Gear 

“I used a single trekking pole, the others used two - I liked having one hand free for trees and rock scrambling” - @dazmsmith

“Liners inside my socks worked a dream. Survival bags are a must for the crossings. Mac in a sac are great investments!” - @gwenvdm

“Found that a hiking stick was SUPER useful for all those stairs” - @womxnforwild

“High powered torch if you need an early start to cross Bloukrans, than 10km section is gnarly to do at night” - @dazmsmith

“Take some goggles to snorkel with and explore up the rivers to find hidden treasures” - @coetzeelouw

“Wear your costume (sports bra and costume bottom) under your clothes for quick change” - @claire_dutoit

“Although the water is mostly safe to drink, take water purification drops” - @crazyp15

“Enjoy the experience, take a survival bag along - there are many rivers to cross. I also took aqua shoes” - @crazyp15

“Just wear proper hiking boots with good support and good grip” - @crazyp15

“Take a snorkel” - @marykevdspuy

"I highly recommend packing a string or two of fairy lights" @bridgetmalherbe



“Pack Light!” - @dazmsmith

“Carry as light as you possibly can with compromising proper nutrition” - @crazyp15

Braai Facilities

We did a poll on our insta stories to find out more about the braai facilities (Mama Cat will take pics of everything next week to update this!)

  • Is there a braai grid? 19 voted yes, 6 voted no. 
  • Can you rely on the fireplaces to cook your dinner? 21 voted yes, 6 voted no. 


“Leave your backpack and venture upstream to find waterfalls and beautiful rock pools. Enjoy! This is the most magnificent hike” - @enidkatz 

“The walk is actually not that difficult so don’t rush to get to the camp, enjoy every little detour and beach and view!” - @brodiehibberd

“ We watched the stars at night! At the end go to a pub and have a shot called the Otters A-hole! It’s a must. Enjoy :)” - @gwenvdm 

“Amazing trail, amazing scenery. Make sure to stop for a swim at the rock pools”. - @carly_88 

“Take in every view the incredible fresh air and realise the special place!” - @brigittepegado

“Every time you see a good spot to swim you should stop and swim. You never regret a swim.” - @claudiameek

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