Fish River Canyon Trail

This trail is only open during the winter months as it's too hot to do it in the summer months. This trail is extraordinary, there are no huts or any other facilities, just you, in nature. This was the trail where the seed for Mama Alles was planted, Mama Cat's introduction to dehydrated meals. Bianca Grobbelaar, of Rest Established, did the Fish River Canyon Trail in the 2021 season and wrote a blog post about it. 

Day 1 - 9.3km. 
A 7am departure as the NWR shuttle took us from Ai-Ais to the start of the hike near Hobas. Sighting amazing Namibian wildlife along the way as dusk welcomed the African sun for a new day. A steep, technical drop into the canyon, followed by a nice refreshing dip in the river. A sandy slog to our first overnight spot and enjoying the sense of time standing still. Spotted three shooting stars and many satellites in orbit.
On the menu:
Lunch: Left-over boerewors, beetroot & sweet potatoes.
Dinner: Hot-rock steak with Mama Alles Ethiopian Dahl.

Day 2 - 15.7km. 
Sand, rocks, sand, rocks, meandering along and criss-crossing the ever-present winding river. The tall palm trees timeously announcing our arrival at the sulphur springs. A hot, relaxing bath for our tired bodies and aching feet. We were left in awe of the beauty of creation. Two wild horses took a leisurely dip in the hot water around midnight, whilst the rains fell softly. Luckily we had K-Way tents, but the three teenagers didn’t…
On the menu:
Lunch: Rice cakes, avo and Mama Alles Hummus.
Dinner: Matured hot-rock steak and Mama Alles Mushroom Risotto.

Day 3 - 23km. 
Starting in a light drizzle, that later made way for the coldest day and night by far. Pushing ourselves beyond our limits and our collective sense of humour. Skipping a nice sandy beach at the 40km mark, in search of a better over-night spot, that finally came. A chilly bathing session as the sun set behind the majestic canyon wall, making way for the waxing crescent moon and the Southern African skies.
On the menu:
Lunch: Provita with Mama Alles Beetroot Hummus, avo and home-made basil pesto.
Day 4 - 19.7km. 
Making good grounds on the hard paths, taking the many shortcuts on offer. One final night under the stars, spending quality time with old and new friends. Grateful for a renewed perspective of living life to the fullest.

On the menu:
Breakfast: Mama Alles Chia & Nectarine Oats.
Lunch: Rice cakes, avo and Mama Alles Hummus.
Day 5 - 12.1km. 
A relaxed stroll as the canyon widened. Approaching civilization and seeing people for the first time in days. The finish bell at Ai-Ais is rung by fellow hikers congratulating us on a memorable achievement. Celebrating in style with an ice-cold Hansa and a well-deserved burger and chips. Fish River 2021 done and dusted!

On the menu:
Lunch: Ais-Ais Beef Burger & chips, Hansa Lager Draughts.
In-between snacks: Superbars, PVM Energy Bars, Karoo Pistachio Company Pistachios, droeë wors, biltong, nuts, seeds, dried mango strips, oranges and jelly babies. Deluxe Bialetti coffee and 1x Rehydrate sachet per day. 1x 250ml Uncanny 2018 Merlot per person with each dinner. Tim-tams, enjoyed the right way!!

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