Adventure Trail Recipes

Sometimes, it's nice to create your own meal, to your own tastes. We recently launched our mixed organic veggie packs, as well as the individual veggie packs. Below are a few recipes to inspire your adventure trail meals. 

Asian Noodle Broth 

This is probably one of my favourite dishes to have on a hike, a rich broth, with wheat or rice noodles, served with our veggie pack. It is this meal that encouraged me to launch the veggie pack products so you could all try it. 


  • About 100g Noodles per person - you can get from your local Asian grocery store, or use these ones from Woolies
  • 1 x Mama Alles Veggie Pack - feeds 2-3 people
  • Miso Paste / Asian Sauce - there are many options here, we usually make our own and carry it in a bottle, but there are a few out there you can try. 

- Miso paste from your local Asian store
- Asian Sesame Stir Fry Sauce



Pesto Pasta

A classic hiking meal is a simple pesto pasta, little to think about and easy to prepare. 



You can either make a tomato based curry using our ratatouille sauce and adding a curry paste of choice, or you can make a coconut milk based curry adding your curry paste of choice. 

Let us know what recipes you make with our organic veggie packs!

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